Growing Older, Growing Better

How Assisted Living Can Enhance Quality of Life in Your Golden Years

The first time I went to an assisted living facility, I was visiting my husband’s grandmother.  She had moved to the location while her husband was in a rehabilitation facility following a heart attack, because, alone, she was not able to handle all aspects of daily living, but wanted to retain as much independence as possible.  I was expecting to find the place depressing and ominous, because my ideas about assisted living were based on antiquated ideas and norms spread by media portrayals of assisted living facilities.  Instead, I found an atmosphere that reminded, in many ways, of a college dormitory.  Physically, there was no resemblance between the facility and a dorm.  The facility was upscale and the rooms beautifully appointed, almost like a model home and very different from the dorm rooms of my youth.  However, the attitude in the building reminded me of the camaraderie and activity one would find in a dorm.  Whether she as participating in a trivia game in the common room, having a meal with friends, or taking a “day trip” to a local shopping mall, my husband’s beloved Grandma found that the vitality she thought she had lost as a normal part of the aging process returned to her once she was no longer solely responsible for all of her daily needs.

One of the most exciting aspects of working at an assisted living facility is seeing how people’s perceptions of assisted living change when they become familiar with Chelsea Senior Living’s assisted living program.  Instead of viewing a transition into assisted living as the beginning of an inevitable age-related decline, people learn that assisted living can be the key to giving seniors back some freedom and vigor as they age.  Instead of having to spend all of their energy on simply meeting basic self-care requirements, seniors who live in assisted living facilities can get the help they need to make daily living activities easier to accomplish, while still retaining the freedom to live their lives.  The result is more leisure time, less stress, and a greater peace of mind for seniors and for their loved ones.

If you are not sure whether an assisted living environment would be ideal for you or a loved one, we welcome you to come tour one of our vibrant assisted living communities.  Many even have respite programs that allow you to test out assisted living without making a long-term commitment.


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