The dining experience is one of the most important aspects of life at Chelsea, as we hear over and over again from our residents. We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced chefs in the food service industry working hand in hand with our registered dietitian to ensure meals are not only delicious, but nutritious and tailored to the needs of residents with specific diets.

LuAnn Smith, our registered dietitian (RDN), is a constant presence at our communities, always meeting with our kitchen staffs to discuss nutrition and sanitation and speaking with residents about their concerns. LuAnn does a monthly presentation at every Chelsea to educate residents about some aspect of their diets. She monitors the weight of every single resident and makes recommendations to both resident and staff about adjusting the diet of anyone with a significant weight change. She approves every menu, looks over every kitchen and keeps a close eye on food handling and sanitation procedures. Then she generates a monthly report to the building’s Executive Director and Chelsea upper management.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we understand and place a great deal of importance on the dietary concerns of our residents. Residents are provided with nutritious, delicious choices at every meal.

But what really makes the Chelsea dining experience special is our beautiful restaurant-style dining rooms, where residents are waited on by our attentive staff as they share a meal with friends and neighbors. An elegant private dining room is also available for family dinners or special events.
The following is a sample of the many desirable meals available at Chelsea assisted living communities in New Jersey and New York and Pennsylvania. Our meal choices may change over time, as our chefs refine our menus to reflect the changing tastes of our residents – but no matter what’s on the menu at Chelsea, it’s sure to be fresh, expertly prepared and delicious! We also accommodate many special diets. Please contact us for more information.

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LuAnn Smith, Registered Dietician
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Chelsea Senior Living Dining

For more information about Chelsea Senior Living’s healthy, delicious dining options, or to schedule a visit and sample them for yourself, please contact us.

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