Independent Living in NJ

Designed to provide the safety of a community setting within the privacy of your own home, Independent Living at The Chelsea is exclusively designed for peace, comfort, and security. We are proud to offer a variety of living options for active seniors, from studios and private 1- or 2-bedroom apartments to luxury lofts.

All of our Independent Living apartments in NY and NJ are ideal for seniors who seek social and recreational opportunities within the context of a supportive residential community.

Senior Care Options in New Jersey

Accessory Apartments

Also known as Mother-Daughter units, Accessory Apartments are separate living spaces built onto a traditional single-family home. A great way to keep family members in close proximity, this is an ideal solution for seniors who seek to remain independent but close to support. This may not be a viable option where zoning laws prohibit structural additions, or to families where inter-generational conflict creates a volatile living environment. 

Adult Retirement Communities

Designed for active, independent, and outgoing seniors, Adult Retirement Communities offer a variety of housing choices for individuals and couples. Many focus on social activities and community support, leaving healthcare and other personal matters within the discretion of residents. 

Affordable/Subsidized Housing

Affordable (also known as Subsidized) Housing is available to individuals and families whose income falls below a certain percentage of median income in a given area. While some programs/residences accommodate all ages, others are dedicated solely to the elderly.

Assisted Living

While in some states Assisted Living designates a licensed facility, the term is ubiquitously synonymous for housing that offers support to elderly residents. With staff available 24/7, these facilities are designed to allow seniors to age in place, with private accommodations and comprehensive access to medical services. Dining and social activities are typically communal in nature, ensuring the stimulation of residents’ physical, cognitive, and emotional health. 

Continuing Care Communities

Unlike communities with an exclusive target population, Continuing Care refers to multiple tiers of services for seniors. Initial programs are typically Independent in nature, with an increasing level of support as needed. Regulated by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Continuing Care Communities in NJ allow residents to age in grace, within the comfort of a home away from home.  

Boarding Homes

Boarding Homes are a cost-effective alternative to private senior housing. Essentially shared living for the elderly, New Jersey has three classes of Boarding Home options, each regulated by the Department of Community Affairs. Services range from room and bath only to a complete continuum of care and support. (Please note: The term Home Sharing refers to privately-owned/rented living arrangements)

Residential Health Care

Overseen by a nurse, Residential Health Care facilities provide intermediate care for seniors with ongoing health needs. Like Nursing Homes, residents receive a comprehensive continuum of care within the context of safety and independence. Licensed, regulated, and inspected by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Residential Health Care is particularly beneficial to seniors with chronic illness or disease.

The Chelsea Senior Living Difference

At The Chelsea, we endeavor to meet the needs of all residents. From medical services to mental health support, our flexibility means that seniors are free to age in grace, surrounded by the comforts of home. Access to social and recreational activities makes daily life invigorating, while our integrated continuum of care ensures that no healthcare need goes unnoticed.

To experience the Chelsea Senior Living difference for yourself, contact us today to schedule a tour!


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