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Top 5 Social Perks of Assisted Living Communities

Two senior people sitting with a tablet PC in a nature park

Assisted living communities are social paradises for older adults.

With a variety of amenities and a calendar filled with events and activities, there’s always something to look forward to. For memory care residents, staying socially and mentally active is incredibly important to retain cognitive health and slow their decline.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the social perks of moving to an assisted living community.

5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living Communities

1. Built-in Community of Supportive Peers

In assisted living residences, building and strengthening a sense of community is key. As we age, it’s typically harder to meet new people and make connections. Still, it becomes increasingly important to do so to improve our mental, emotional, intellectual, and physical health.

Social isolation and depression have dangerous lasting effects on seniors. An assisted living resident interacting with familiar, friendly faces daily understands the importance and rarity of a supportive community.

2. Daily Social/Physical Activities and Common Areas

In an assisted living facility, a resident can have quite a busy schedule. There’s simply so much to explore!

Social and physical activities are conveniently at the resident’s disposal at any time of the day. Common areas allow residents to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Many assisted living communities also provide classes and continued learning for seniors, teaching them how to use the latest technology and other valuable skills such as cooking or speaking a different language.

3. Special Events, Celebrations, Parties, and Entertainment

In addition to the everyday activities seniors can take part in, assisted living communities host a wide range of special events residents can attend.

Wine tastings, themed dance parties, concerts, holiday gatherings, and sports viewings are just a few examples of the celebrations. There’s never too small of a reason to celebrate!

4. Outdoor Trips and Excursions

Assisted living communities are happy to arrange car services for their residents to transport them wherever they like.

When seniors wish to travel in a group, they can sign up for planned trips and tours organized by the facility. There truly is nothing better than being out and about with fellow residents.

5. Less Responsibilities and More Free Time to Relax

Seniors who stay home after retirement may still experience stress with home maintenance responsibilities. Seniors who are assisted living residents no longer have to worry about that and have everything taken care of for them.

This is a huge weight off our residents’ shoulders and gives them more time and freedom to go to places and try new things.

Group of senior people in assisted living community playing domino game

Fun Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

The benefits of socialization and recreation for seniors are endless, significantly enhancing their quality of life. Life is meant to be fun and participating in activities with friends is exactly that.

Playing bingo and mahjong allows seniors to come together, be mentally alert and competitive, and win cool prizes. A bingo or mahjong night every day or week fosters community. Other exciting games include cards, poker, chess, checkers, and board games.

Joining a book club is another way for seniors to flex their mental stimulation and social skills. Painting, drawing, jewelry-making, sewing, and creating other pieces and forms of art as hobbies expand their creativity and individuality.

Activities that get you on your feet are great for getting seniors active and their hearts pumping. Dancing the night away, exercising at the fitness center, walking in nature, and gardening keep seniors fit and stress-free.

Make Friends at The Residences at Plainview

At The Residences at Plainview, we strive to create a sustainable, fulfilling destination for adults ages 55 and over who want more than just a home, but a worry-free, beautiful campus with friendships, fun, and a forever family. Every day we lead with the 4 C’s: caring, commitment, constancy, and competency.

At The Residences, our residents are never bored. With daily happy hour, themed parties with live music, outdoor and indoor pools, a library, a golf course, an art studio, a movie theater, a checkmate card room, and so many more activity rooms, there’s lots to do and various ways to stay engaged.

At every opportunity, our residents invite and involve their beloved family members to join in on the fun. Check out our assisted living activity calendar for a glimpse of what awaits.

Outside The Residences, our residents take advantage of their proximity to major shopping and dining areas, parks, beaches, and entertainment. These include Broadway Commons Mall, Roosevelt Field Mall, Jones Beach, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, UBS Arena, Old Westbury Gardens, and various colleges and universities.

Discover everything The Residences has to offer and schedule a tour today.