Warning Signs of Poor Nutrition in Senior

Warning Signs of Poor Senior Nutrition

When you have a loved one living in senior living, including memory care or assisted living, you want to know they are eating well and being well cared for. Yet, it is quite common for those who are older to stop eating as well as they should.

How Do You Know Your Loved One Is at Risk?

A person with memory impairment may simply forget to cook and prepare meals. In other cases, they just may not feel like they can do so. Knowing what the warning signs are can help you avoid illness and deficiencies.

This may include a loss of appetite or little interest in eating out if they did so before. Often, people without proper nutrition will suffer from depression or have sudden changes in their weight. If they become ill, this could be due to eating expired or spoiled food. This is also very common in people with memory impairment. You may also notice changes in their personality. Often, they may feel more withdrawn, lethargic, and sullen.

If you suspect any of these concerns, it may be time to explore new help for senior living. Consider the benefits of having your loved one in a memory care or assisted living community where their health is always monitored.

Ensure Your Family Receives the Best Care

At Chelsea Senior Living, we provide the highest quality of support and care in a healthy environment. Learn more about our nutritional support by contacting us today.


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