Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Senior Living

The abundance of choices for optimal senior living in Pennsylvania might have you and your family confused about what is right for you. Choosing the right type of senior living requires that you and your family consider your health status, your needs, your desires and goals, and also your budget. Here are some handy tips to help you and your family choose the right type of senior living scenario if you live in Pennsylvania.

  1. Fully independent. Some seniors in Pennsylvania are living fully independently for a long time, only occasionally calling upon friends or family members for help. If you have no serious health issues, then living independently could work for you.
  2. Independent in a community. Senior communities, like “55+” communities, are age-restricted but boast amenities like clubhouses and swimming pools. These communities encourage socialization with neighbors and can be helpful for those who enjoy living around other people. Community living can also be cost effective.
  3. Assisted living communities. Assisted living communities are great for seniors who need some help with daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The additional support from professional staff can alleviate many burdens, and still encourage independent senior living.
  4. Nursing home. Seniors in Pennsylvania living in nursing homes receive high quality of medical care and attention, individualized for their needs. Many seniors with long term health issues benefit from being in a nursing home because the staff provides a wide range of interventions on a daily basis. All room and board fees are included in the nursing home.
  5. Home health care. In some cases, a senior may be able to have trained professionals provide home health care. This allows the senior to combine the best of independent living with the need for regular monitoring and care interventions.

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