The Importance of Stretching for Seniors

As people get older their ability to sustain movement can become more difficult. Bones start to lose their density. The muscles and joints decline and the range of movement worsens because the muscles become shorter. It becomes more difficult to do simple everyday tasks. This is why it is very important for people to start stretching and working out earlier rather than later in life.

Stretching has a variety of benefits and has the ability to counterbalance some of the effects of aging. The more someone stretches their muscles, the more strength that person will have. Stretching also increases the flexibility and the blood flow within the body. Also, if you suffer from joint pain, stretching will help. If you do work out, it is recommended that you stretch out directly afterwards so you are not sore the next day. All of the benefits of stretching help you live a better everyday life.

At our facilities at Chelsea Senior Living we have chair exercise offered weekly where the residents are able to use their muscles and stretch to music. We also provide rehab services for our residents. The services that are provided can help with the resident’s quality of life if they choose to participate.


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