The importance of posture

Good posture is very important for everyday living. You may not realize it, but having good posture is imperative for having a steady balance and will help prevent falling. When you stand upright you’re supposed to be centering your weight. This is helpful when working out because it makes having the correct form easier, which reduces the possibility of getting injured. Without realizing it, most every day activities require good posture.

Posture can get worse as you age. People’s backs may become curved, which can affect their lives in a negative way. Another factor that causes bad posture is repetitive gestures. For instance, when you always walk with your shoulders up, it becomes a habit and you don’t even realize that you’re hurting yourself. Also, if you are always driving with your back hunched over the steering wheel there is a possibility of developing bad posture.

If you think that you have bad posture, there are things you can do each day to help improve it:

  • Learning how to breathe properly. Focus on using your diaphragm because it will help your spine stay straight, along with the lower core muscles.
  • Be aware of how you are sitting, standing or walking. If you realize you are leaning over or putting more weight on one side of your body you can easily fix and shift your weight.
  • If you need to bend down for whatever reason, make sure you bend with your knees and not with your back.
  • If you find yourself sitting for most of the day, prop a pillow on your back to help you from slouching.
  • If you think you have bad posture go and see your doctor to see if you need medical help

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