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The Chelsea at Warren. Assisted Living in Warren, New Jersey 

The traditional model for modern assisted living facilities grew out of the nursing home environment, which, in turn, grew out of the hospital environment. The result is that many modern assisted living facilities are designed like a medical facility, which rooms or suites in corridors or hallways, and common areas that are used for multiple purposes, including socialization or visiting. While this traditional assisted living model offers nurses and aides easier access to residents and can provide socialization opportunities for residents suffering from loneliness, it can feel too restrictive for residents who are accustomed to a much greater degree of independence. This has left many families searching for alternatives that provide assisted living services without requiring residents to abandon so much of their autonomy. The Chelsea at Warren is one of the few locations in New Jersey that provides seniors with the opportunity to live independently and still reap the benefits of an assisted living environment.

Independent living is far less restrictive than a traditional assisted living environment.

At The Chelsea at Warren, the independent living scenario allows seniors to retain a huge degree of personal autonomy. Residents can live in apartments, giving them the ability to remain autonomous and set their own living schedules, rather than having to alter schedules in order to have meals at certain times or even to have guests visit at times that will not interfere with other residents. Perhaps the best way to understand the greater degree of freedom that residents have in an independent living scenario is to think of the difference between living in a dorm and living in an apartment.

However, most people do not look into senior living arrangements unless self-care has become or is threatening to become a challenge. What is wonderful about The Chelsea at Warren is that residents still have access to the aides and medical staff that make assisted living such an attractive proposition to those facing the challenges associated with aging. Furthermore, they can also access other benefits of assisted living, such as prepared meals in a high-quality dining facility, when they want either the break from daily challenges or the company that a senior living facility offers them.

The Chelsea at Warren works with families to meet the evolving needs of its residents.

At The Chelsea at Warren NJ, we understand that aging is a process and that the needs of a senior can change dramatically over time, as can the ability of family and friends to meet those needs. That is why we offer a continuum of care to our residents and their families, from respite care for those receiving in-home assistance to full-time assisted living scenarios and a wide range of scenarios in-between.

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