The Chelsea at Montville donates to local First Aid Squad


The Chelsea at Montville, an Assisted Living and Memory Care community, donated $1,000 to the local Volunteer First Aid Squad.

Our donation to the First Aid Squad is especially important to them because they, too, have been impacted by the pandemic.

“The Montville First Aid Squad, being a community volunteer completely funded ambulance service, getting donations like this is pretty huge because we don’t have a steady source of income to be able to continually supply, restock our ambulances especially in the heart of the COVID pandemic,” said Lorrin Stone, a crew chief for the Montville Volunteer First Aid Squad. “PPE isn’t necessarily cheap and it’s not easy to get to. But, donations like this makes it so we can keep ourselves safe which then makes it so we can continue to staff ambulances and provide good patient care and keep our patients safe, too.”

The Chelsea presented them with a check. The local Volunteer First Aid squad was joined by residents and The Chelsea at Montville Executive Director Leonard Pollilo.

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