The Chelsea at Jenkintown

Assisted Living in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

When looking for an assisted living facility for seniors, one of the most frequent concerns is that the location be close to home or family, so that the residents can remain a connected part of their community.  At Chelsea Senior Living, we are committed to helping our residents remain active and vital parts of their communities, which is why we have locations spread throughout the tri-state area.  The Chelsea at Jenkintown is our premiere facility in Pennsylvania, and we offer senior living, memory care, and respite care at that location.

Jenkintown Borough, located about 10 miles north of Philadelphia, offers the comforts of a small town lifestyle without sacrificing proximity to a thriving big city.  Jenkintown also boasts one of SEPTA’s major stops, making it a great central location for residents who have family spread throughout the tri-state. In fact, the Chelsea at Jenkintown places an emphasis on making visitors comfortable and making visits easy; from the large parking lot to the cozy living rooms where residents can visit with family, everything about the Chelsea at Jenkintown is set up to encourage families to stay close, even when a member transitions to assisted living.

The Chelsea at Jenkintown offers tremendous flexibility for senior living.  Residents live in studio apartments with their own private bathrooms and huge closets, giving them the feeling of a home, not a room or dormitory feeling.  However, social opportunities are around every corner.  Residents can enjoy meals at the restaurant-style dining room, watch television with other residents and guests in the activity room, select a book in the library, enjoy a quiet moment in the bistro, or enjoy some pampering in the beauty parlor.  Residents who enjoy the outdoors can take a stroll on the walking path or visit with others on the spacious front porch.

The Chelsea at Jenkintown is also extremely responsive to resident needs.  Residents can live almost completely independently or receive help with daily living activities, and this help can change as needs change during the aging process.  The Chelsea at Jenkintown also features a County Cottage setting for memory care, which can ease the transition from assisted living to memory care if dementia or Alzheimer’s become a concern.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact The Chelsea at Jenkintown to schedule a tour or plan a respite visit to see if The Chelsea at Jenkintown is right for you.



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