The Chelsea at Forsgate

Assisted Living in Monroe Township, New Jersey


 Middlesex County is not what most people think of when they think of New Jersey.  Instead of the hustle and bustle of urban areas, commuter towns, or life on the shore, life in rural Middlesex County has a slower, friendlier pace that makes it the ideal location when looking at retirement living.  Monroe Township makes the most of this rural environment, by providing a small-town community feeling that many people did not even realize could exist in harmony with access to major cities and the shopping and medical resources to be found in those nearby towns.  The Chelsea at Forsgate, one of Chelsea Senior Living’s premiere adult assisted living communities offers tremendous opportunities for people with a wide range of assisted living needs, providing rural tranquility and state-of-the-art care.

The Chelsea at Forsgate provides a great opportunity for seniors who want to retain independence, but might need a little help.

Just because aThe Chelsea at Forsgate person is ready for some help with daily living challenges, it does not mean that person is ready to give up the independence that he or she has enjoyed for a lifetime.  In fact, the fear that a person will lose independence at an assisted living facility is one of the primary barriers to entering into an assisted living facility.  We understand the desire to be independent, and, more importantly, we understand that the more responsibility a senior retains for his or her own daily needs, the more active and vital that senior is likely to remain.  That is why we are happy to offer private and semi-private apartments at The Chelsea at Forsgate.  However, unlike your average apartment, our residences come with the benefits of having help.  While residents have the ability to cook in their apartments, they can also enjoy meals in the beautiful, restaurant-style dining room that is on the grounds.  Linen and housekeeping services are part of the package, so that residents are free from the burdens of housekeeping.

The Chelsea at Forsgate provides social activities that are often missing in the outside community.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of The Chelsea at Forsgate’s environment is that seniors have a built-in social support network.  Residents are welcome to choose a book in the library, join in a hand of cards or a game in the card/game room, get their hair done at the full service beauty salon, visit with a friend in the sunroom, or join in one of the structured events in the activities room.

The Chelsea at Forsgate also offers more intensive help for residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments in the County Cottage, which provides a safe and secure environment that is also warm and inviting.  Contact Chelsea Senior Living for a tour of The Chelsea at Forsgate or one of our other wonderful locations, today.


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