The Chelsea at Brookfield

Assisted Living in Belvidere, New Jersey

For many years, the transition to an assisted living environment has been viewed as a negative step, requiring people to move away from their homes and give up their independence.  This negative perception has been enhanced by some of the rules and restrictions that older assisted living communities incorporated, which may have been motivated by a desire to keep residents safe and in good health, but often ended up with those residents feeling infantilized.  At Chelsea Senior Living, we understand that just because a senior is in need of assistance with some daily living activities, it does not mean that he or she does not remain perfectly capable of making decisions about his or her care.  A move to assisted living also does not mean that a senior wants to give up some of the activities that make life enjoyable.  That is why The Chelsea at Brookfield places an emphases on ensuring continuing quality of life.  Whether you want to relax alone by the stream that runs through the property or in a group at our on-site pub, The Chelsea at Brookfield is committed to helping you maintain your quality of life.

Your surroundings help shape your attitude.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we firmly believe that your surroundings help shape your attitude and we know the critical role that attitude plays in physical and mental health, particularly as we age.  Every Chelsea property is beautifully-appointed and offers high-level comforts for its residents while reflecting the local attitude of the surrounding neighborhood.  The Chelsea at Brookfield incorporates the feeling of Belvidere, New Jersey, which is almost a European country-side feeling.  The surrounding environment is a mix of rural and suburban communities, giving the feel of towns dotting the countryside.  This environment is continued on-site with the open porches, extensive library, tea room, fireside lounge, bistro, pub, and activities room, which all reflect a commitment to active recreation.

The Chelsea at Brookfield offers different levels of assistance, based on resident needs.

As you continue to age, your assisted living needs can increase or decrease.  A temporary health problem may result in you needing more assistance and then going back to being mostly self-sufficient, while a gradual decline in health means gradually escalating assisted living needs.  At The Chelsea at Brookfield, our assisted living is structured to give you as much independence as possible, while still providing for escalating needs.  Furthermore, if memory impairment should become a problem, our Country Cottage setting provides safe, secure, 24-hour memory impairment care.

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