Tammy Marshall

Tammy Marshall Maple Pointe Chelsea Senior Living

Executive Director

Hard work and dedication are understatements when talking about Tammy’s extensive work experience. Tammy spent nearly 15 years working as a critical care nurse in California before moving on to managing assisted living residencies. Since returning to New York, Tammy has won numerous awards, both for her community and through fundraising.

Tammy speaks very highly of her Maple Pointe community, mostly about the strong sense of family that it exudes.

“We do not merely punch in and out here,” she says. “We are not merely coworkers. The families and residents can feel it too.”

This strong bond has led the community to receive an award for staff retention.

Seeing that her residents are living the best possible life is Tammy’s passion, that each day is a good day, not just for the residents but the staff as well.

Tammy has an undeniable commitment to her community, the one she works in and the one she lives in. Through multiple fundraisers, Tammy and her team have netted more than $72,000 to benefit breast services. She stresses the importance of community building, such as shopping local.

In her off-time, you can find Tammy indulging in the arts. From an early age, painting and music have been her creative outlets.


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