Pamela Gabel

Pamela Gabe

Director of Community Relations

As Pam watched her parents age and  interacted with some of the older folks at her church, she always felt she had an affinity for seniors. Today, Pam brings fresh energy to the Chelsea at Fanwood as Director of Community Relations in this key position that facilitates what can be an emotional journey for families.

“I feel like I am enriching the lives of these families,” she says when reflecting on what she likes about her job. “I’m actually honored to be part of this stage of their lives.”

Pam honed her marketing skills in the printing industry after initial training as an architect and graphic designer. The longevity of the staff and the small town family feel of Fanwood appealed to her. Coupled with her love for older people, it turns out this is the perfect fit for her and The Chelsea!

In her spare time, Pamela sings in the church choir, takes walks, reads and practices yoga.


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