JaneAnn Morris

Jane Ann Morris Health Services Director of Manalapan

Director of Health Services

JaneAnn has a passion for working with the elderly, a passion rooted in the fact that her parents are the same age as the residents she has vowed to take care of. She maintains that it’s just not only her job, but an innate human quality to help with the mental well-being of our residents at this age. She assists them with the transitions naturally occurring at this time, each at their own pace, not only their medical needs but their basic concerns about day to day life.

Manalapan is one of Chelsea’s smaller communities. As JaneAnn points out, “We have a very dynamic team. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and are like a family ourselves.” JaneAnn and the staff have built a familial relationship because they may have to go outside of their titled roles to accommodate the needs of the residents.

JaneAnn strives to safeguard the residents by educating them through some of our many programs and seeing them one-on-one. She continues to promote independence by having residents express themselves about current health issues, encouraging them to participate in activities and guiding them in selecting their best nutritional options.

JaneAnn is a passionate lover of animals. She has volunteered her time at many shelters and rescued and adopted many pets. Opening a huge shelter when she retires would be a dream come true.


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