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Herbert Heflich


Mr. Heflich has experience in all aspects of eldercare management during his over 50-year career as a nursing home owner-administrator and an assisted living residence developer, manager and owner. He was Vice President of Mega Care, Inc., a multi-institutional healthcare organization, where he was directly responsible for management and coordination of long-term care. Mr. Heflich was the founder of the New Jersey Post acute Network (NJPAN) and a principal in several nursing homes with sub acute units throughout New Jersey. He served as President of the New Jersey Assisted Living Association (NJALA). He is a former board member of the Alzheimer’s Association of New Jersey. Some special achievements include creation of the first supportive housing for developmentally disabled residents, first to computerize nursing home and assisted living functions; created the only assisted living with a behavioral unit in NJ. Mr. Heflich received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College.