Cynthia Rozenberg

Cynthia Rozenberg Chelsea Senior Living East Brunswick

Executive Director

With an extensive background in healthcare, strategic planning and senior care, The Chelsea at East Brunswick is fortunate to have Cynthia land here. She is a strong believer that assisted living is the perfect environment to promote wellness, focusing on socialization, nutrition, spirituality and physical/mental stimulation. This community also has a unique program combining assisted living with mental health treatment called Crossings. Providing mental health services in an assisted living setting doesn’t exist anywhere else in New Jersey.

With all her knowledge and experience, Cynthia’s goal at East Brunswick is really pretty simple: To help the residents live better lives.

“We try to do that not only day by day, but moment by moment,” she says.

Cynthia is a strong supporter of her staff, acknowledging everyone’s hard work at regular intervals. And whether it’s good news or bad, Cynthia welcomes everyone into her office. Even a complaint, she says, creates an opportunity for the team to assess the concern and create a positive outcome.

When she’s not working, Cynthia enjoys spending time with her family, taking photographs and taking nature walks.


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