How to Keep the Connection When Loved Ones Move to Assisted Living

How to Keep the Connection When Loved Ones Move to Assisted Living

When a loved one moves into an assisted living community, it can create significant changes in the way a person is able to interact with his or her family. There are new emotions to deal with as well, including a level of sadness. There are ways to improve this transition, though. The right senior living community and memory impairment services can help.

Stay Connected, Safely

There are many ways to remain connected with a loved one in an assisted living community, even during the time of COVID. An integral part of this process is getting to know the staff. In every one of our communities, staff members are adept at helping residents connect with family using FaceTime, Duo or ZOOM. Familiarizing yourself with staff members can help you to ensure a higher quality of life for your loved one because you are more involved. It can also help you know what to expect and to remain in the loop when you cannot be there. Building relationships like this is always valuable.

Find the Right Community for Your Needs

When it comes to memory care and assisted living, our team at Chelsea Senior Living can create new opportunities for you. Turn to us to learn more about our senior living options, including support for memory impairment, and always following COVID guidelines set by the CDC and the State Health Department.


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