Spotlight on Maple Point NY Assisted Living


Rockville Center, New York is a village in Nassau County offering the people who live there the best combination of small town life and access to the big city. The location has gained some notoriety because many famous people call it home, from baseball player Sandy Koufax to rock star Joan Jett and all sorts of people in between. This might make you think of Rockville Center as unaffordable or snobby, but the village’s small size and cozy feel make it a perfect home for a wide range of people.  

Maple Pointe at Rockville Center helps seniors remain part of the community.

One of the most appealing facets of the Rockville Center Chelsea Senior Living facility is that Rockville Center has an established and thriving senior community. This means that seniors at the assisted living facility have an extended variety of activities in which they can participate, and the ability to have a thriving social life outside of the assisted living environment. Looking at the calendar, one sees a range of different activities for seniors with different interests. For many people who are just transitioning to an assisted living environment, the ability to engage with the greater community is critical, and the well-established senior program in Rockville Center helps facilitate that type of interaction.

In fact, Rockville Center’s community focus provides many opportunities for seniors to remain active in the community. In addition to the senior services, seniors can participate in other programs as volunteers or mentors, keeping them connected with the entire community.

Rockville Center offers a continuum of services.

Another benefit of the Rockville Center community is that it offers a wide range of care for seniors with different needs. Oftentimes, people transition into an assisted living environment with the understanding that as they age they will need a greater amount of care. This is especially true when a senior is experiencing dementia or other types of memory loss, which are degenerative over time. Rockville Center offers memory impairment services, permitting its residents to transition from traditional assisted living scenarios to memory impairment care as their needs transition.

Maple Pointe also offers respite care, which gives seniors and their caregivers an opportunity for a break without worrying about quality of care. This is a great way for seniors to test out the assisted living scenario or simply for caregivers to get time to recharge.

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