Special Needs Senior Community

Mt. Bethel Village

Special Needs Services in Warren, NJ

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Dedicated to providing expert senior care for all residents, The Chelsea is proud to offer an exclusive Special Needs Program at our Warren location. A unique concept founded on safety, comfort, and quality of life, our Mt. Bethel Village caters to adults with autism, development disabilities, and/or traumatic brain injuries.

Our model employs an Assisted Living approach, tailored to address the unique social and cognitive needs of residents. Prior to acceptance, each prospective resident receives an extensive assessment to ensure a compatible integration with Mt. Bethel’s services and support. Individuals reside in private apartments, with full access to an array of enriching activities and amenities.

Stimulating Daily Program

Among others, our program offers:

  • Extensive social opportunities
  • Comprehensive counseling
  • Advanced life skills training
  • Exposure to employment opportunities
  • Customized case management
  • Integrated health services
  • Professional staff support 24/7/365

Bed Making

Clinical staff work closely with both residents and their families to design a person-centered program for each resident. Though we are not a medical facility, our integrated team of professionals is equipped to address a variety of needs. Available 24/7, support staff include

  • Experienced and compassionate nurses
  • Clinical and geriatric social workers
  • Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists

Day Program for Seniors with Special Needs

In addition to our permanent housing, we are excited to offer a Day Program at Mt. Bethel Village. Though we are not a medical facility, all residents have access to nurses, speech and physical therapists, and behavioral support staff, among others. Running Monday through Friday from approximately 9:30am until 3:00pm, this program allows adults with autism, developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries to enjoy many of the same activities and amenities as our full-time residents. Each program is tailored to your loved one’s unique needs, available as few or as many days per week as is appropriate.

In addition to activities such as music, dance, sports, and yoga, the Mt. Bethel Day Program includes discussions, computer skills development, and a men’s and women’s club. Social and recreational opportunities run throughout the day, ensuring that your loved one is consistently engaged in safe and engaging activities to promote both physical and mental wellness.

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