Chelsea Signature Lifestyle Program

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When residents move from their homes into a senior living community, they often worry that they will not have anything to do.  At Chelsea Senior Living Facility, our residents quickly find out that life at Chelsea is far from boring.  With Chelsea’s Signature Lifestyle Program, residents find that they have a variety of different activities to choose from, allowing them to schedule a very active life.  Of course, these activities are optional, which means that residents have the ability to plan a busy week or a leisurely one, depending on their own individual wants and needs.

What type of activities will you find in the Lifestyle Program? 

Activities include exercise programs, lunch trips, outings for shopping and entertainment, book clubs, educational courses and seminars, music classes, art classes, computer classes, card games, socials, bingo nights, and happy hours, just to name a few.  Even better, the social planning staff at each Chelsea facility works with the residents to develop additional activities, which means that residents can help shape their Signature Lifestyle Program.

One of the more amusing questions that we get from time to time is why bingo always seems to be an activity at senior living facilities.  There is actually a great reason for that activity.  In addition to being a lot of fun and giving residents the chance to win prizes, Bingo is a simple game that is easy to follow, making it a great way for people across a broad range of cognitive levels to interact and have a good time.  That is one of the reasons it so often serves as an introduction to our Lifestyle Program for many new residents who may find the idea of “organized fun” to initially be intimidating.  Of course, many of our activities have similar purposes, and we strive to ensure that we offer enough variety in our social programming that residents will find something for them. 

In addition to the entertainment and programming offered at many of our other facilities, residents in Plainview will be able to access entertainment that is focused on the amenities offered at The Residences.  Contact us today to find out more about what we have planned for our Signature Lifestyle Program at The Residences at Chelsea Senior Living in Plainview NY, or to give your input about what you would like to see in the program if you choose us as your senior living facility.


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