Seniors and Flu Shot this Winter

Why it is Beneficial for Seniors to get the Flu Shot this Winter

Winter is flu season and the flu can become serious, even fatal if precautions aren’t taken. The best precaution you can take is to get the influenza vaccination. This year’s vaccination protects against four strains of the virus which makes it stronger than last year’s. Adults 65 or older can choose to have a stronger dose if they choose. The flu vaccine is also said to be more effective among people of this age group.

Even though the shot does not 100% protection against the virus, you are still better off getting it than not. The vaccine does NOT cause someone to get the flu. You may feel temporary, flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine because of your body’s initial reaction to the shot.

There are other things you can do to help prevent getting the flu. Use hand sanitizer when you’re out in public and touching doors, railings and holding onto things. Wash hands thoroughly after using restrooms or really any time you’re out in public. Getting a good restful sleep every night and drinking a lot of water will also help your body stay strong and resist the flu.




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