Respite Care is a Great Option for Seniors

respite care

There comes a time when aging parents need reliable caregivers. Unfortunately, when their adult kids try to take on the role of a caregiver, the new responsibilities can become a lot for them to deal with. Families can provide care for their parents, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a break and enjoy some time to themselves. Not all senior living communities offer respite stays, but all Chelsea Assisted Living and Memory Care communities provide this option. Find out how a senior community can help families who are overwhelmed when caring for their parents.  

Give Caregivers a Necessary Break

Families that take care of elderly loved ones become overwhelmed, don’t get enough rest, and face too much stress. A parent diagnosed with dementia, for example,  needs 24-hour care at the mid to final stages of the disease, or they could wander off alone and get lost.

Caregivers must keep a close eye on their parents at all times, and even if the family members juggle this responsibility, they need a break. Setting up respite care for seniors gives the caregivers a critical break to relax and recoup after taking care of a loved one.

Prevents Caregivers from Losing Their Identity

The day-to-day toll of providing 24-hour care to a parent prevents family members from doing the things that make them who they are, and the family member loses themselves. Participating in senior wellness programs lets the senior enjoy some time in the senior community and allows the caregiver to do the things they enjoy for a while and remember who they are and what they like to do in life. 

Improving Social Engagement for Seniors

Seniors enjoy their lives more if there are opportunities for them to socialize. And it also provides physical and mental health benefits. You’ll find any Assisted Living community in NJ and NY hosting events and activities for residents on a daily basis.. Participating in  these events and gatherings lets seniors get to know each other in a welcoming environment where they are comfortable and at ease. Family members are welcome to attend the events to help their loved ones relax and feel more comfortable talking to strangers initially. Spending time with like-minded people greatly increases a senior’s level of happiness and keeps a senior more involved in the community. 

Help With the Activities of Daily Life

Residents and visitors who need help with activities of daily life have access to a nursing staff to help them. During respite care, seniors have a nurse that comes to their apartment and helps them groom, bathe, and get dressed, and the staff maintains their privacy and dignity. In Memory Care, the staff practices activities to improve a senior’s memory and teach them simpler ways to complete daily tasks. Memory Care living offers seniors everything they need when managing dementia. 

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle

Assisted and Independent Living communities offer dining services for seniors, and the menus include foods that are aligned to most seniors’ diets.At Chelsea, our registered dietician consults with our culinary team to provide recommendations along with orders from each resident’s personal doctor. . Many seniors have existing health conditions that require dietary restrictions. The cooks create meals that are appropriate for residents’ diets and improve their health. 

In these communities there are plenty of opportunities to exercise and improve health and well-being. Some communities have exercise rooms full of equipment, and they may offer exercise programs that are appropriate for seniors. A healthier lifestyle increases their life expectancy and reduces serious risks. 

Around-the-Clock Care to Allow Caregivers to Go on Vacation

Families can’t go on vacation without having a plan in place for their loved one. It’s not always feasible to bring an elderly person on a trip depending on that person’s medical needs.  . Respite care is the perfect solution for families that are preparing for a vacation and don’t have a nurse at home that could travel with them. Their parents stay in the senior community throughout the vacation and receive 24-hour care and services as needed. Families can rest assured that their loved one’s care is managed appropriately each day, and the family can relax and enjoy their vacations free of worry or stress.  

Preventing Seniors From Isolating

Sometimes, seniors isolate themselves and don’t spend time around people as much as they should. Isolation leads to depression and anxiety, and some seniors develop mental disorders such as OCD or agoraphobia if they spend too much time in isolation. Respite care gives seniors a chance to spend time around other people instead of staying at home with a nurse and never seeing people in their own age group. Family members that provide care for an aging parent can take their family to senior communities for respite care to get them out of their comfort zone and decrease isolation risks.  

A Little Time to Run Errands

Respite care is available for up to one month at a time in most senior communities. However, there are programs that allow families to bring their loved ones to the communities for a few hours at a time, and the time away from their loved ones gives these family members time to run errands and do things they need to do even if it’s just going to the grocery store or shopping for a few hours. The services present opportunities for the caregiver to step away for a little while and take care of cleaning tasks, take a nap, or even get a massage.  

Reviewing the respite care services shows families what options are available locally and how long their loved ones can stay in the community. Most senior communities offer the services based on availability, and families should check with the preferred community ahead of time. Talk to a community administrator to find out more about respite care options.  

Terrific Homes for Seniors 

At Chelsea Senior Living, we provide many services for seniors and help caregivers get the help they need. Respite care is designed to give caregivers a break and improve the senior’s quality of life. Discover more about our respite services and senior living opportunities by visiting one of  our communities in New Jersey and New York.  


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