Is it Time to Move Into a Memory Care Community?

Is it Time To Move Into a Memory Care Community?

Seniors who have been diagnosed with progressive illnesses know it’s just a matter of time until they cannot care for themselves alone. They can turn to their families for assistance, but too often families cannot provide 24-hour care without help. An Assisted Living community can be the best choice for seniors who are facing these health challenges. 

At Chelsea Senior Living, our Memory Care community, known as The Country Cottage, is staffed with highly-experienced and highly-talented individuals who are dedicated and proud of the residents they serve. Structure and safety are the center of everything we do. 

Based on well-informed observations and discussions at Chelsea communities, we’ve found that while not all cases of dementia or memory impairment have recognizable symptoms, there are some symptoms that are more common than others. Below is a guide to some top-of-mind topics to help you and your family decide if it’s time to move into a Memory Care community. 

Is the Senior Becoming More Disoriented?

A healthcare provider must evaluate the senior and determine why and how often the resident is becoming disoriented. Disorientation that leads to severe agitation could place the senior in a dangerous state of mind and require around-the-clock care to prevent them from injuring themselves or others. 

How Often is the resident Lucid?

If the doctor determines that the resident has fewer lucid hours, the resident will need to enter an Assisted Living community, or their family will need to move the senior into their home and get an in-home nurse. 

Does the Resident Have Property In Their Name?

Residents must transfer ownership of assets to a family member within a predetermined amount of time according to state laws. Signed documents are required in front of an attorney and a medical professional that can testify the senior was lucid, or in testamentary capacity, when signing the documents. These include the Durable Power of Attorney, the Health Care Proxy, the Living Will, and the Last Will and Testament.

Can The Family No Longer Provide Care?

Advanced conditions outside the scope of the family’s ability to manage will require the senior to get in-home healthcare or enter into an Assisted Living or Memory Care community. Seniors who enter into an Assisted Living or Memory Care community have access to around-the-clock nursing care, and if they have an emergency, the staff will contact emergency medical providers. 

Does the Resident Wander Off and Get Lost?

In a Memory Care community, residents are not allowed to leave their unit without a nurse or family member. All units at Chelsea have security locks that require a digital code for access to enter and exit. This is a security and safety measure to prevent seniors from leaving the community unnoticed. 

Can the Resident Remember to Take Their Medication?

It is important for families to find out what medication the senior takes every day and when they take it. Whenever a resident moves into an Assisted Living community, their doctor sends a list of their medication, the dosage, and instructions for each medication. The nursing staff will follow these instructions to keep the resident healthy. 

Where to Find Assisted Living and Memory Care Options

Many Assisted Living communities provide Memory Care support. All Memory Care residents living at one of our Chelsea communities have a private room, three hot meals a day, daily activities, 24/7 health services, and opportunities to socialize with other residents. Chelsea has a Country Cottage Director and a Country Cottage Coordinator who develop programs to stimulate the minds and improve the wellness of the residents. 

Too often, seniors wait too long to make decisions about their healthcare, and their families cannot manage care for the seniors all on their own. Seniors must take a realistic look at their current health concerns and determine if it is time for them to enter into an Assisted Living community.

We recommend doing your due diligence and researching the right community for you or your loved one. At Chelsea, our team at each of our locations are available to assist you in your discovery process. Schedule a tour, speak to a Chelsea associate, or explore our website to learn more about our Memory Care services at our Chelsea communities.  



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