Let us Tell You about the Food

Chelsea Senior Living- Let us Tell You about the Food

If you have begun looking at residential senior living options, especially assisted living or nursing home type arrangements, one of the things you may have noticed is the food. Senior living food is often described as bland or flavorless, because the dietary restrictions of many of the residents restrict the use of salt and other spices that have traditionally been used to flavor food. At Chelsea Senior Living, we wanted to break the stereotype of bland, flavorless food for seniors, while still offering food selections that would work with the most common dietary restrictions faced by our residents.

We have taken an ingredient-first approach to our meals. By focusing on fresh high-quality ingredients, we ensure that the food itself has flavor, and then our top-quality chefs and cooks use spices to enhance those flavors. We do avoid the use of a significant amounts of salt in our cooking, but the greatest reduction in sodium probably comes from our commitment to fresh ingredients, so that salt is not used as a preservative in most of our base ingredients, contributing to a more blood-pressure healthy diet without sacrificing any of the flavor one expects with gourmet-level cuisine.

Furthermore, gourmet level cuisine is something we strive to offer at every meal. Breakfasts may include cinnamon French toast, lunch options may feature exotic cheeses like brie or Gouda, soup specials include gourmet offerings like cream of asparagus, dinner selections include lobster or prime rib, and our chefs make a delicious crème brulee.

Of course, we understand that sometimes people just want good simple food. We also offer basic, delicious meal options, prepared with the level of care and love you expect from a home cooked meal. This could be an egg white omelet for breakfast, matzo ball soup, barbequed ribs, and baked macaroni and cheese.

What is even better is that our chefs are responsive to resident requests and wants. Is there something you would like to see featured as part of the menu? Do you have special dietary restrictions? Let the staff know so that the chef can take steps to incorporate your wishes into the menu.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we understand that food and eating are important, not simply for nourishment, but because it is during meals that people share their days with others. Our dining rooms are well-appointed and managed by an attentive staff, to give a restaurant-feel to residents and their guests, so that meal remain a time for sharing, laughter, and company as well as nourishment.


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