Is a Senior Community Right for You

Chelsea Senior Living

The decision to move to a senior community can be a surprisingly emotional one for many seniors and their families.  Long-term family plans may have included senior family members living independently in their homes throughout their retirement or families may have planned on caring for family members in their homes, and then found themselves unable to do so.  This can leave many seniors, and their families, unsure about what to do next.  They may think that a senior community is the right choice for their family, but worry about making a commitment because they do not know what we offer.

Is a Senior Community Right for You

It is for that reason that Chelsea Senior Living offers Trial Stays.  With a Trial Stay, a senior can stay at a Chelsea facility for a short period of time, in order to find out if a senior living community is the right fit for him or her.  Trial Stay residents have access to all of the same amenities and programs as regular residents, which gives them ability to determine, not only whether a senior community is right for them, but also whether a particular senior community is the right fit.  Some of Chelsea Senior Living’s communities provide a greater level of services for memory care patients or patients with mental health issues, and may be a better fit for potential residents that have some special needs.

Not all of Chelsea’s temporary residents are there to try out life in an assisted living community.  Chelsea Senior Living also offers rehabilitation residency.  In many circumstances, senior family members may experience health challenges that make them temporarily unable to live independently, but these challenges are expected to be temporary.  For example, during recovery from a surgery, broken bone, heart attack, or stroke, seniors may be unable to complete self-care, but may be fully independent when fully recovered.  Chelsea offers residential opportunities for these individuals who need to stay in an assisted living facility for a short period of time.

Short-time residents also include members of Chelsea’s respite program.  Respite give caregivers an opportunity to take a break.  Respite Program guests receive the same quality care as the other residents of Chelsea Senior Living Facilities, including access to memory care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, if indicated.  One of the things our residents and their families like best about the Respite Program is that we can offer immediate housing in emergencies.



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