Independent vs. Assisted Living: Which Is Better for Me?

As we get older, many of us will be faced with changing living options, perhaps forced by health issues. These changes do not have to be traumatic.  Depending on how much their bodies will allow, many seniors will remain independent for years. Others will find security and comfort in the home-like environment of an Assisted Living community. Top of mind will be finding a senior living solution that meets their expectations. Both Independent Living and Assisted Living communities are designed to help seniors access services they need or desire, while maintaining a sense of security and freedom. Perhaps most important is the opportunity to make new friends and have social interactions through a wealth of activities.

The challenges of the COVID pandemic have forced the senior living industry to initiate robust new safety precautions to stop the disease from entering the communities. To that end, family visits are now controlled, everyone wears masks and practices safe distancing. New prospective residents must be tested and established residents are tested regularly. With all that going on, seniors can still expect a fulfilling, fun and safe lifestyle in Assisted Living or Independent Living communities.

Opportunities for Independent Seniors

Seniors who are interested in independent living will live care-free of maintenance, landscaping and a long list of responsibilities in the comfort of a beautiful apartment. Apartments at Chelsea are designed with full kitchens, bright spaces and room to entertain family and friends. Those same features and amenities are included for those who choose assisted living, in addition to around-the-clock check-ins and care.  

On-Site Medical Care

Both Independent Living and Assisted Living communities provide support for residents’ wellness and health needs. While not primarily a medical model, senior living does provide a nurse on call 24/7, trained care staff and on-site medical services. Doctors will visit as needed. Residents typically have emergency pendants that help them get medical attention when they need it. All Independent Living and Assisted Living communities are committed to providing seniors with prompt medical assistance to ensure that they get the highest standard of health care possible.


Our wellness experts tell us that socialization is one of the most important aspects of satisfaction for seniors. Thus, it is important for seniors to get a chance to socialize and make new friends. Having a shared social agenda keeps residents from becoming isolated and withdrawn, which can lead to serious declines in their health.

Food, Wonderful Food

Food is one of the most important considerations for people moving into a senior living community. Most communities offer restaurant-style dining with menus as diverse as their residents. At Chelsea, our experienced chefs create healthy and delicious meals that accommodate all dietary restrictions. COVID precautions require dining rooms to seat people six feet apart and all servers to wear gloves and masks. But one thing hasn’t changed: excellent food! In certain Independent Living environments, meals may also be served outdoors, in bistros or other informal settings or delivered to a resident’s apartment.

More Services and a New Start for Seniors

Chelsea Senior Living provides Assisted Living and Independent Living options. Each community is designed to give seniors a wonderful retirement and accommodate all their needs. Families can schedule a COVID-safe, in-person tour or a “virtual” tour via video. It’s always best to have the prospective resident come along to see for him/herself.

Chelsea offers respite stays, a mini-stay at one of our buildings that can give a respite for a caregiver or a taste of senior living for someone who might be interested in a long term solution. Respite stays are usually for a minimum of two weeks and include a furnished apartment and all amenities that full-time residents enjoy.

Assisted Living is also a perfect venue for recovery after medical procedures. All Chelsea properties have a partnership with Fox Rehabilitation, a premier rehab provider with practitioners in all of our communities. This is a convenient way to rehab a hip fracture, knee replacement or other illness or injury that requires recovery in a setting where the individual gets plenty of attention.

Whether it’s Assisted Living or Independent Living, Chelsea offers state-of-the art care and attention to our aging population, always with the health and safety of our residents as our number one priority!


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