How to tell it is time to go to an Assisted Living facility?

Having the discussion with a loved one about going into an Assisted Living facility can be very touchy. Some seniors will be ready for the discussion, while others will get defensive or think that it’s too soon to talk about it. You’re the one who knows your family best so if you truly believe it is time to consider Assisted Living, then it is the right time to have the discussion.

Assisted Living is a great option once it gets difficult for a loved to take care of him/herself. Before deciding which is best, you have to visit a few different facilities to assess your options. But when you find one that is appropriate, it can open the door to new opportunities, friendships and experiences. Your loved one will meet other individuals and enjoy three restaurant-style meals daily. Chelsea assisted living communities have dedicated Lifestyle directors to guide your loved one to activities they might enjoy. Chelsea communities also have a nurse available 24/7.

There are a few other signs that could help indicate if it is time to have the talk to move to Assisted Living:

  1. Signs of forgetfulness, especially forgetting where they live, who they are talking to
  2. Wandering, which can become dangerous
  3. Signs of what’s called “sundowning”, late-day behaviors which may include agitation, anxiety and the urge to wander
  4. Caregiver stress, an unfortunate but common side effect on adult children or others who care for their elders.

When it’s time to consider assisted living or memory care, call Chelsea Senior Living, 1-877-CHELSEA, or visit to see your options.


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