How To Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

Moving at any age can be stressful, and it may seem especially daunting during these tough times. For seniors, though, there’s no time like the present. Leave perception at the door and take a look at how transitioning into an ​Assisted Living​ community, such as ​Chelsea Senior Living​, is seamless, safe, and invigorating.

The Choice

The reasons to move to an Assisted Living community are vast; to have a higher quality of life; to have access to 24/7 ​wellness care​; to live maintenance-free; and to be more social are among the benefits. Sometimes, it’s a family choice to make sure their loved ones are living their best lives.

From our experience, the most telling sign that you or your loved one will have an easy transition is from the constant communication from the community’s staff members. At this point, you’ve already made the decision about moving. But to make it a smooth ride, the community’s staff should be assisting in all aspects of the move, from locating moving companies to greeting you as you walk through the door, and introducing you to everything the community has to offer on a daily basis.

Prior to the move, however, it’s important that seniors in search of a new home are very involved in the process. Schedule a tour, be open with the staff about your or your loved ones’ wants and needs, meet the residents at each community, taste the food and observe the ​dining​ experience, participate in an activity or two, and be happy with your apartment. At our communities, independence is a virtue, and something we want our residents to feel each and every day. Therefore, putting in the research and developing a high level of comfortability is recommended, not just for families who may be helping with the process, but most importantly for the seniors. When visiting these Assisted Living communities, make believe you’re already a resident there – visualize it – and this should be a significant factor in making the move a seamless one.

Safety is the top priority

Assisted Living communities are ​COVID-19​ compliant and take the most stringent protocols for visitors and staff entering the community. That includes on-site antigen tests and contact tracing.

While COVID-19 vaccinations are ongoing in our communities for both residents and staff, Chelsea is also one of the first in New Jersey and New York to offer ​monoclonal antibody therapy​ (mAb) to treat COVID-19. Everything is administered without leaving your community and having to go through the hassle of online appointments or driving to a jampacked medical site.

Strongly managed communities are keeping all common areas heavily sanitized and they’re following guidance from the state’s department of health, local health boards, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Feel the energy

A top-class community will have top-class talent. The ​entertainment and activities​, whether in isolation or not, should energize you every day. This is a major part of the transition. Chelsea Senior Living has experienced Lifestyle Directors who continue to be innovative, all done while socially distancing.

There are a variety of opportunities for residents to stay active and continue to pursue the hobbies they love. When moving into a new community, join activities at your own pace. Most of all, make sure you feel like you’re home.

Are you looking to make the transition to an Assisted Living community? ​Contact us​ and ​explore our services​.


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