How Those With Disabilities Can Benefit From Assisted Living

Disabilities Can Benefit From Assisted Living

Seniors and disabled individuals may need specialized care to complete daily tasks, and once they need a 24-hour caregiver, families feel the impact of these demands. Home care is a great choice for more independent people who live on their own, but it won’t give them the same benefits as a community of individuals just like themselves.  

Around-the-Clock Care 

Disabled seniors might need 24-hour care to help them with activities of daily living (ADLs) and other vital tasks. The nature of their disability defines what services the resident needs each day. If the disability is mental or affects cognitive function, the resident must remain on a medication schedule and follow a care plan set up by their doctor.

Severe mental disorders and dementia prevent the person from remembering to take medications and complete activities to improve mental function. In Assisted Living and Memory Care, the senior doesn’t have the fear or worry about missing medication or following their care plans on their own. They have all the help they need. 

Meal Preparation Services 

Dietitians and nutritionists prepare meals for all residents and make sure they adhere to their dietary restrictions. All meals are prepared according to a well-balanced and healthy diet to address the nutritional requirements of all residents. Chelsea’s own registered dietician, Laura Weisberg, is constantly checking with our culinary teams to provide valuable feedback with each planned meal, dessert, and snack. 

Some communities have on-site restaurants while others have a formal dining room for residents. Seniors with disabilities get assistance to get to these dining opportunities, or they can get food delivered to their private living space. Snacks and beverages are available to all residents at any time.  

Transportation for Residents

Assisted Living communities provide terrific amenities for residents, including transportation. With enough planning, residents can schedule times with the concierge to have a driver take them to  doctors appointments, shopping, and to visit their families. The transportation services are helpful to seniors who are no longer able to drive due to age, vision difficulties, or a disability. Senior communities such as Chelsea screen all drivers to ensure that the residents remain safe throughout their travels, and the administrators only choose responsible individuals with clean driving records. 

Opportunities to Make Friends

Socialization is important for seniors and disabled individuals who cannot leave their homes often. In a senior living community such as Chelsea, you’re surrounded by residents who seek enjoyment by participating in a variety of activities. We can’t stress this enough as it helps prevent seniors from feeling lonely and the negative health effects of isolation.

Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are effects of isolation, and medical studies indicate that many seniors die prematurely if they are isolated and never socialize. Isolation increases the risk of more profound mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and agoraphobia. Moving into a community gives residents more time to socialize and the freedom to make friends in their own time.  

Private Apartments

Many seniors and disabled people fear moving into a community because they are afraid they’ll lose their rights and freedoms. Privacy is important to all residents, and private apartments allow them to live as privately as they choose.

The staff understands how important maintaining a resident’s dignity is, and workers do everything possible to help residents live their lives without invasions of their privacy. Residents get Memory Care services in the community, or a specialist visits their living space. 

Social Gatherings and Events

Senior communities host monthly events and gatherings for the residents, and these events involve fun activities for everyone. The environment is friendly and gives all residents a chance to mingle and get to know each other better.

Giving residents chances to make friends improves their quality of life, and the residents don’t feel isolated and alone. The communities host a variety of social gatherings, including parties, workshops, and even classes. The administrators gauge the residents’ interest when planning these events.  

If you haven’t been to a Chelsea event or party, we invite you to check one out at a location near you. Our residents know how to party and they love meeting new people!

Assistance With Activities of Daily Living

When we use the term ADL, we define that as everyday tasks. They can be a real challenge for individuals with disabilities, especially seniors with late-stage dementia.  A nurse helps the residents bathe, get dressed, and complete grooming and basic hygiene practices. Residents with mobility issues need help getting around the community, too, and the staff provides the necessary support to go to social events, dining rooms, and other areas of the community that disabled residents want to go to.  

Communities offer equipment that residents need when completing ADLs such as shower chairs, railings, and walk-in showers. Families consider keeping their disabled loved ones at home, but to accommodate some of these demands they must pay a higher cost. This is not affordable for all families. At Chelsea, we always try to make it work financially for every family in need of Assisted Living for themselves or their loved ones.

Access to Medical and Emergency Services

Senior communities have a full staff of health care workers to provide 24-hour care for disabled residents, and if an emergency arises, they offer full medical services to address the resident’s health and well-being. After surgery, seniors and disabled individuals may need extra help during their recovery. Instead of staying home, these individuals enter respite care to get the help they need. The care services offer admission into the community for a period up to30 days, and they get all the amenities and benefits as the other residents in the community. Many residents who have come to us first through respite care have grown to love our communities so much they decide to stay.

Wonderful Homes for Seniors

At Chelsea Senior Living, we have a friendly and courteous team of medical professionals to help seniors with disabilities. Our community offers the safety and security these residents need, and our amenities accommodate everyday tasks and improve their quality of life. Have a disabled loved one who needs help? Come to our community for a private tour now.


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