High Quality Senior Care in Your Neighborhood

Are you having trouble finding a great quality assisted living facility in New York? People who have never lived in the New York area sometimes have a difficult time understanding New Yorker’s attachment to their neighborhoods. They often think of the entire state as being like Manhattan, without realizing that not even all of New York City is like Manhattan. This can make finding an assisted living facility difficult, because keeping a senior connected to a neighborhood is one way to help increase socialization, reduce the depression that often accompanies aging, and make the transition from independent living to assisted living easier on seniors and their families.

Chelsea Senior Living Assisted Living Facilities New York

Chelsea Senior Living has two New York assisted living facilities; one in Plainview, New York and the other in Rockville Centre, New York. With these two locations, seniors can stay in their communities even while transitioning from independent living to assisted living. We believe in the power of community, not just in our assisted living facilities, but as part of the larger community. Local assisted living facilities mean that seniors can continue to enjoy the things that they love about their community, while getting the assistance with daily needs and continuous access to quality healthcare that they need. Our assisted living facilities are also needs-responsive, which means that seniors are continuously evaluated for changing needs, with care plans that change and evolve with changing and evolving needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to assisted living, which is why we offer a number of facilities, private and semi-private living suites and apartments, and personalized care plans. Our goal is to help you find the perfect assisted living situation that works for your entire family. To find out if we can provide the right living situation for you, please contact us and schedule a tour.


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