Healthy Meals for Seniors and Caregivers

Healthy Meals for Seniors and Caregivers

Whether you have a loved one using memory care for memory impairment or living in senior living or assisted living, there are times when you will want to come together for a meal. If you are busy most of the week, having a day to bring a premade meal to your loved one to share can be a good way to remain connected.

Keep Meals as Simple as Possible

You want to spend as much time as you can with your loved one. For that reason, try to keep meals as simple as possible. For example, you can make chili (look for a smokey or sweet chili recipe) and be sure to use healthy vegetables in it. You can also consider slow cooker foods, such as roasts or chicken fajitas. A good, hearty soup can also be a fantastic meal for you both to share together.

Look to make meals that don’t have a lot of fat or spice in them. You also want to be sure to consider what their favorites are. You do not have to come in for dinner or lunch. Consider bringing in breakfast to share instead, for example. Choose oatmeal freezer cups or even baked bread.

Your Loved One Can Get the Help He or She Needs

If you are looking for new opportunities in senior living, including memory care and assisted living support, turn to Chelsea Senior Living. Our memory impairment services and other care options can make spending time together easier.


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