Great Gift Ideas

What to Take to a Senior in Assisted Living

Most of the time, a transition to an assisted living facility means getting rid of many possessions and even the most luxurious assisted living apartment is not likely to be able to hold as many things as a home or apartment.  Knowing that a loved one just purged possessions or that people are still making decisions about where things go can make gift-giving a particular challenge.  However, there are some really fantastic gifts that help people deal with their changing needs as they age and can be very useful in an assisted living environment.

  1. An e-reader. Many seniors love to read, but find it taxing because of changing vision.  An e-reader allows each individual to select the text size that makes reading comfortable, holds the place in the book, and is lightweight and easy to transport.  For seniors who are internet savvy, an advanced e-reader also serves as a tablet, providing them with a way to surf the web, use their email, and interact on social media.  For seniors who would strictly use the e-reader for books, there are many options out there that allow for reading in direct sunlight and simulate all but the feeling of the actual book.
  2. Wireless headphones. Headphones are great, because they let a senior enjoy media while still interacting with others.  They are especially wonderful in a semi-private setting, because they can help lend an air of privacy, particularly those models that offer noise-canceling for background noise.  Wireless is a great choice, because they can be used with multiple devices and do not require the senior to be within a cord’s length of the device.
  3. Homemade treats. No matter how delicious the meals in an assisted living’s restaurant, many people miss the familiar foods and treats that they used to make at home.  So, bake the cookies or make that favorite casserole.  However, be cognizant of any dietary restrictions that might make a particular treat off-limits.
  4. Electronic picture frames. These frames show different pictures and can be reloaded with images.  Some frames even allow you to remotely load them with new images.
  5. If you have not been bathrobe shopping recently, you may not realize that cozy bathrobes seem to come in short styles or so long that they will drag the floor on even average-sized individuals.  Find a bathrobe that is long enough to provide warmth, but short enough to avoid a falling hazard; if you cannot find one, consider having one tailored to the right length.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we are focused on quality of life and would be happy to give you other tips to help the seniors in your life!



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