Encouraging a Hobby

Just like the rest of us, our senior citizens need and deserve to feel fulfilled: to learn, laugh, grow and feel that life is being lived to its fullest. It can sometimes be difficult to motivate our loved ones as they age and activities become more mentally and physically exhausting for them. However, stimulation and engagement are key components to longevity and overall health and any effort to encourage activities that promote these is worth the while.

We offer a wide array of activities and programs at Chelsea Senior Living and provide resources to encourage our residents in their pursuit of a hobby, interest or learning endeavor. Here are some ideas on how you can do the same for the seniors in your life.

Foster Connection and Collaboration

Whether it be physical get-togethers or digital gatherings, encourage participation in clubs and groups that focus around the topic or hobby of interest. Many municipalities and senior centers organize groups around different interests, and Facebook has online communities where people gather to discuss and learn about just about every topic under the sun.

Provide Material to Facilitate Learning and Growth

Help to get a membership to the local library, or help with a digital subscription that they can access from their homes via computer, smartphone or tablet. Many outlets offer special discounted, or even free, programs, subscriptions and book clubs for seniors.

Participate Together

This is a big one. There may only be so much motivation to pursue an activity alone, even with the encouragement or enthusiasm brought by a digital community. Working on an activity or endeavor together is a great way to strengthen bonds and develop new ones. Maybe it’s weekly, maybe it’s monthly, or whenever you can manage, but it provides a date to eagerly look forward to!

Make it Fun: Celebrate Their Work and Achievement

This is a chance to get creative! Build in some events around the hobby you’ve undertaken together. Maybe it’s a poetry reading for the grandchildren and family, or the hanging of an “art show” in their room. It can be anything! It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate – a fun, simple “event” can provide purpose to the work and an opportunity to get together and celebrate that life and personal growth don’t have to stop with age!


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