Communicating More Effectively with Older Parents

Communicating More Effectively with Older Parents

When a loved one has memory impairment or is even becoming hard of hearing, it may be time to consider changing the way you communicate to ensure you are reaching them effectively.

Change How Your Speak

It is easy to become frustrated when you have to repeat yourself several times. Often, in memory care and assisted living communities, it is very common for a person to need to be reminded because they are forgetful. Ensure you are not worsening the situation by yelling at them or calling to their attention just how frequently they ask the same question. In this case, they may need some help for memory impairment.

Finding the Right Tone

It is also important to get your loved one to open up. Ask open-ended questions. When they are being stubborn about speaking to you about their health or needs, aim to find new ways to gather that information. Get them talking about themselves and share what is happening in your life. When you really think about what they are facing and experiencing, it is clear that they are often lonely and just need to feel comfortable enough to open up. Start the discussion on your own. Communicating effectively with someone means understanding and patience.

Ensure Your Loved Ones Get the Care They Need

At Chelsea Senior Living, our team is always available to guide your loved one in our senior living community. To learn more about our assisted living and memory care services, give our team a call today.


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