Common Myths About Assisted Living

Remaining independent is important for many as long as possible. Leaning on loved ones may be the last thing you’d want to do.. Which is why you’ll find comfort in Assisted Living. However, many people today associate Assisted Living communities with nursing homes. Doing so remains a mistake, as they serve as two different options. While nursing homes serve as purely a medical model, Assisted Living offers independence, a high level of care, and an abundance of social opportunities.

Today’s senior living communities work to maintain or improve an individual’s quality of life. They want each person to live the life they desire. What are some common myths seen when it comes to these communities, and what is the reality?

Luxury Apartment Communities, Not Institutions 

Many people equate a senior living community with an institution. They imagine a stark community that mimics a hospital setting. Nothing is further from the truth. Communities such as ours at The Chelsea are built to give our residents full independence and provide comfort in a place where they can call home. Our staff is an extension of each and every one of our residents’ families. Residents are encouraged to bring items from their homes, so they are surrounded by familiar things they love. We also offer Independent Living options for those who want their own place but need someone close by if they require help. 

Active Residents, Not Inactive

Many individuals residing in our senior living community are living life to the fullest. They remain extremely active.  Every day our communities offer activities to meet the passions and interests of the residents. This includes classes, a book club, a senior wellness program, and more. We also have a daily Happy Hour and themed parties, something that should not be missed! 

Independence Gained, Not Revoked

Our community allows individuals to maintain their independence. We offer several living options to meet the needs of all. Some residents require Memory Care, while others live a full, independent lifestyle while having easy access to necessary services. The one thing residents no longer need to worry about is the many tasks associated with homeownership. We handle those tasks on their behalf, so they can enjoy every moment of their time doing things they love. 

Memory Loss Stigma

Memory care communities are environments built to strengthen residents in all aspects of life. At Chelsea, our residents are provided with the top level of care and attention they deserve with a highly trained, certified and experienced team of senior health care professionals. We work with the area’s leading physicians, social workers, and psychologists. We’re also constantly incorporating tried and tested methods, new technology, and medical- and science-based recommendations. Families of our residents are consistently relaying to us the improvements they see in their loved ones.   

Sustainable Hobbies, Not Faded Hobbies

People often assume they won’t be able to engage in their favorite hobbies when they move into our community. Actually, the opposite is true. Residents find they have more time to engage in those things. Furthermore, they often connect with others who share these hobbies. Another benefit of living in our community is you get the opportunity to try new things and may find you have a new hobby you love and want to take part in regularly. 

Senior Living Facilities Are Expensive Affordable

Older adults might worry about the cost of senior living. They feel it is going to eat into their funds and not leave them anything to pass on to their children and loved ones. However, our community often costs what one would pay to remain in their own home and receive services and support. In fact, the cost may even be less. Homeownership fees add up over time and bringing care into the home is costly. These expenses are built into the cost of our community, and you get extras on top of that. 

Isolation From Loved Ones – Not Here!

Especially during the pandemic, this fear has been exacerbated. Your concerns are appropriate as Assisted Living communities did have limited visitation in place at the height of COVID-19. But those policies have since been relaxed, although at Chelsea we are still proceeding with caution based on the respective county’s COVID-19 numbers.  

A person might fear that they won’t be able to see their family and friends regularly if they move into a senior living community. We recognize the importance of these connections and encourage visitors regularly. There is no reason to alter your social life because you changed your living accommodations. We work to ensure you don’t have to when you choose our community.

The Food

Food at a senior living community: how’s the quality? You be the judge. Chelsea’s Executive Chefs have diverse, yet experienced backgrounds having worked for celebrities, professional sports teams, top restaurants and more. We invite you to stop in for a meal, meet our culinary team, and sample some of our food. We have a resident dietician on staff and change our meals as the seasons change to keep things fresh and fun. We work alongside each resident’s physician and ensure they are eating a healthy diet that meets their specific needs. 

As Much Privacy As You Want

Older adults worry that moving into a senior living community will take away any privacy they have. This isn’t an issue when you choose to reside with us. Whether you opt for Independent Living or another option we offer, we work to maintain the highest level of privacy for each resident. Staff members and residents respect the wishes of all who live in our community. 

Losing Gaining Family 

Families moving a loved one into an Assisted Living community can find comfort knowing this individual is taken care of and will have all of their needs met. They can focus on themselves and other family members. You’ll quickly learn that this leads to a stress-free life for both the family member and the loved one. As you’ll also hear from our residents, our team is an extension of their families and we know from conversations with their sons, daughters, grandkids, and such, that leaves them with tremendous peace of mind. 

I Don’t Need Assisted Living Because I Can Take Care of Myself

Senior community living comes with many advantages, even for those who are healthy and live a full life. People appreciate knowing they have a choice when it comes to where they reside, and they find the amenities provided at our community meet their needs in every way. The high level of care we provide ensures this will be the last move they ever make.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living options. Whether this is for you or a loved one, we are happy to answer all of your questions to be certain this is the right fit for your family. We want our residents to be happy and do everything possible to ensure this is the case. Seniors deserve to live the best life possible, and we work to make that happen. 


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