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Now Is a Good Time to Move Into Assisted Living

Many older Americans and their families have been wondering about the right time to consider Assisted Living, given their concerns about COVID-19. We believe that time is now.

We have seen the worst of the pandemic and worked very hard to make the Assisted Living experience safe. We are now at the point where we have rigorous safety protocols in place to ensure those entering our buildings are disease-free, and those who live and work in them are frequently tested and monitored.


Whether it’s an exploratory visit or a move-in, we have safety protocols in place to protect you, our residents and our staff from exposure to COVID-19. We are currently allowing limited visits by appointment with social distancing and masks and have had a number of successful move-ins over the summer.


Our new residents are now enjoying life without having to cook, clean, do laundry or worry about having someone around to help them when they need it. Imagine an entire staff whose sole mission in life is to make sure you are safe, comfortable and happy in your new home. Our mission is to provide an environment that embodies the principles of Caring, Competence, Commitment and Constancy.


All of our employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (masks, gloves and gowns where appropriate), have their temperatures taken when they arrive for work and are tested once a week. Our residents wear masks when they leave their apartments for safely-distanced, small group meals or activities and are tested if they are symptomatic. Cleaning and sanitizing goes on continuously. We have recently contracted with a renowned infectious disease consultant who reviews all our procedures and is available for questions and updates. Beyond COVID precautions, all of our residents receive personalized Wellness assessments and have access to our nursing staff and third-party practitioners who come to our communities regularly. Our commitment to the health and well-being of our residents began long before the Coronavirus appeared. Our COVID-19 policy is here for your perusal.


We are providing delicious and nutritious meals with full safety protocols in all of our restaurant-style dining rooms. These protocols include dining in small groups with residents sitting six-feet apart, diligent cleaning and sanitizing of tables, chairs, dishes and serving vessels and careful wrapping of utensils. Residents may also elect to receive meals in their apartments.


Because the health and safety of Chelsea residents and staff are paramount, we will continue a pro-active and strident approach to infection control and prevention to ensure protocols are appropriately responsive to what has been and will most likely continue to be a fluid landscape.

Here is a summary of our established safety protocols:

  • Early identification of infection through ongoing interval COVID-19 testing
  • Scheduled contact-free outdoor visiting; limited indoor visitation established in early September
  • Infection Control protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection (designated and dedicated outdoor visiting areas; hand hygiene, face masks; social distancing; decontamination procedure prior to and post-visit)
  • Visitor screening and informed consents prior to the visit
  • Visitor education prior to the visit

Here are our complete protocols and policies


Your new home isn’t just an apartment and three meals a day. It is a vibrant, new community with the potential of new friends and experiences. Our safety protocols allow us to celebrate birthdays, have small-group events, socially distanced activities and one-on-one activities in each apartment. We bring our residents outdoors to get fresh air and sunshine whenever possible.


We closely follow guidance from the CDC and the New Jersey and New York Departments of Health. We respond quickly to new requirements and communicate them immediately to our residents, families and staff. We are well aware that the pandemic will be with us until an effective vaccine is developed, so our robust safety and communications protocols will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

When it’s all said and done, you can be confident that Chelsea Senior Living is the best place for you or your loved one.

We know how to do this.

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