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Chelsea Senior Living Resumes Limited Visitation

New Admissions and Visitation Under Strict Safety Protocols

Chelsea Senior Living properties in New Jersey and New York have begun allowing family members of residents to schedule visits on a limited basis under robust social distancing and masking rules. Additional infection control protocols are discussed with the Resident and Resident’s family prior to and at the time of the visit. Going forward, Chelsea Senior Living will continue to follow all CDC guidelines.

“We’ve come through an awful four-month period in which our residents have been unable to see their families in person or even come out of their apartments,” said Roger Bernier, President and Chief Operating Officer of Chelsea Senior Living. “We’re confident that now, with our robust testing and surveillance program, we can allow a little more movement and a little more visitation. We are hopeful that at a point in the near future, we can join our families in a memorial service to honor the passing of their loved ones.”

Because the health and safety of Chelsea residents and staff are paramount, we will continue a pro-active and strident approach to infection control and prevention to ensure protocols are appropriately responsive to what has been and will most likely continue to be a fluid landscape.

Here are our established safety protocols:

  • Early identification of infection through ongoing interval COVID-19 testing
  • Scheduled Contact Free Outdoor Visiting
  • 2-person per resident maximum per visit
  • 30-minute maximum per visit
  • Infection Control protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection (designated and dedicated outdoor visiting areas; hand hygiene, face masks; social distancing; decontamination procedure prior to and post-visit)
  • Visitor screening and informed consents prior to the visit
  • Visitor education prior to the visit
  • No eating during visits (as this would require removal of face masks)

Herb Heflich, Chief Executive Officer
Roger Bernier, President and Chief Operating Officer

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