Chelsea Veteran Surrounded By His Art

(Brick Township, NJ)– Throughout his life, whether during a sea battle in the South Pacific or on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company, the artist in Sergio Carabellese never slept.

“It’s in my genes,” he said recently in his apartment at The Chelsea at Brick assisted living residence where a lifetime of artwork hangs on the walls. “Pen and ink, pencil, oils and pastels.”

With no formal training, Carabellese has painted beautiful landscapes and portraits, his most dramatic works done in oil and pastels, always during spare time before and after World War II and during his 40 years with Ford.

“I was a gunner on the USS Renshaw,” he recalls, “mostly off the coast of the Philippines.”

Though his ship was attacked, he escaped without injury and made it through the war unscathed. He then went to work for Ford and became a huge supporter of Ronald Reagan.

“I was on a Reagan task force,” he says, though his memory of the nature of the task force is a bit foggy.

Carabellese is settling into his new life at the Chelsea having just moved in in early 2017. He enjoys visits from his son, daughter, nephew and two grandchildren.


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