Respite Care / Trial Stay

High-Quality Respite Care

Many care providers feel greatly challenged by juggling caregiving for a loved one alongside life’s daily commitments and demands. Because the need for care is usually 24-7, it can be difficult to accommodate other responsibilities and events that don’t stop in light of becoming caregiver, such as hectic work and family schedules, business trips, caring for other loved ones as needed, and even family vacations. In these circumstances, temporary respite care provides an excellent solution. Chelsea Senior Living’s premium respite care and comprehensive suite of related services give your loved one the care he/she needs while sustaining your peace of mind.

Exceptional Accommodation and a Wealth of Services

Chelsea Senior Living’s accommodations are finished and maintained to the highest possible standard, with each apartment offering a welcoming, home-away-from-home environment, complete with all modern amenities. In addition to a full spectrum of personal care and support services, each resident also has access to full social and activities programs, salon services, and scheduled transportation.

Have You Considered a Respite Care Trial Stay?

Many seniors are initially hesitant about moving into supportive accommodations and want to remain living independently at home, despite their increased need for care. With this in mind, Chelsea Senior Living can arrange a trial stay, wherein temporary residents can experience and enjoy exactly the same accommodations, care levels, and amenities as permanent residents. A trial stay is a great chance for your loved one to experience life as a permanent resident, taking advantage of social opportunities, activities, and the welcoming environment with an eye on planning future arrangements.

Dedicated Respite Care

As an experienced provider of respite care, Chelsea Senior Living is dedicated not only to providing the care and services necessary for residents to enjoy an exceptional quality of life, but also to offering an all-encompassing lifestyle that gives residents easy access to enjoyable, stimulating activities that promote mental and social well-being. At Chelsea Senior Living, we will transform your loved one’s stay into something truly pleasant and special. To find out more about Chelsea Senior Living’s optimal respite care, call us at (877)-CHELSEA.

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