Chelsea Resident was a Prolific, Award Winning Author

Barbara was an award winning author

(Marlboro, NJ) — For as long as she can remember, Barbra Marro has been a writer, always having a typewriter accessible in her home.

“I was always writing something,” she recalls. “I liked to write.”

But she didn’t take it seriously until after having five children. Despite her own self-doubts, Marro wrote not one, but three books, which paved the way to her winning an award from the Library of Congress. Even before starting to write, Barbra thought, “Nobody is going to buy it. I’m telling the truth.”

But with the help and encouragement of her family, she wrote her first book, 8 Steps to a Happy Life. It offers advice to help set life goals and to put them into action. To her amazement, the book got published and people bought it. Her second book, Smitty’s Cave Adventures, is an action-adventure story about a twelve-year-old boy with dreams of being in a cave. He goes on exhilarating journeys which lead him to learn important life lessons. Her third book, A Family of Angels, is a collection of “personal angel” stories told by different generations in her family.

Barbra has been a resident of The Chelsea at Marlboro since 2016. While she still has the occasional itch to write, and has been urged to write about her experiences in Assisted Living, she seems content for now to enjoy her past achievements and take each day as it comes.


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