Elnahal Closeup(Monroe, NJ)—New Jersey Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal today commended the Chelsea at Forsgate assisted living residence for its impressive efforts at getting staff and residents vaccinated for the flu. The Chelsea staff was 98% compliant with flu shots and most of the residents were, too.

“Shots aren’t fun or easy,” remarked Commissioner Elnahal to a room of Chelsea residents and staff. “But it really starts with all of you because you’re not only protecting yourself. You’re protecting everybody else around you.”

The Commissioner said so far, it appears this year’s flu season might not be as bad as last year’s though it’s still a little early to call.

“I’m optimistic that at least the vaccine will be a little more effective,” he said, noting that last year’s flu vaccine was not.

The Commissioner came to the Chelsea to recognize the management for its diligence it getting its staff and residents vaccinated. It’s also National Flu Prevention week and the beginning of the flu season.

Seniors and children are more vulnerable to getting very sick from the flu because their immune systems may not be as robust as other populations, or because of underlying medical issues.

Chelsea Senior Living Team

left to right: Roger Bernier, President and COO of Chelsea Senior living; Stephanie Brown, Assisted Living Coordinator, the Chelsea at Forsgate; Joe Certa, Building Services Director, the Chelsea at Forsgate; Michele Adams, Executive Director, the Chelsea at Forsgate; Donnett Richards, Health Services Director, the Chelsea at Forsgate; Dr. Shereef Elnahal, New Jersey Health Commissioner.


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