Chelsea Featured on Good Morning America

Source: Good Morning America

The Ciccones from The Chelsea at Clifton were part of a feature segment for Valentine’s Day on Good Morning America.

They’ve been married for 70 years.

“We were honest with each other and that’s the most important thing,” Anne Ciccone said.

The Ciccones first met at a party, and back then Lenny said he would ask her dad’s permission just to take her out on a date.

To this day, Lenny is as chivalrous as he was back then. He holds her chair for her when she’s about to sit, waits outside the public restroom until she’s ready to go, and even after their interview with Good Morning America was over, he came back to retrieve her sweater.

“She’s my heart and soul and it will stay that way until the day I go,” he said.

During most of the interview, they were holding hands.

“I got her and I’m not gonna let her go.”

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