Benefits of Vitamin D for Seniors

Vitamin D has many different benefits you may not know about. Our major source of Vitamin D is sunlight, which is why it is called the sunshine vitamin. It can also be found in certain foods and in pill form. Some foods that have vitamin D are fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks, orange juice, salmon and oatmeal.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for seniors because it helps keep the bones strong. Vitamin D can also help fight infection. It is also an aid in losing weight and fighting symptoms of depression. All of these benefits make it an important staple for every day consumption. Without Vitamin D our bodies do not work properly.

Being Vitamin D deficient is very common in seniors so it is important to eat foods that contain Vitamin D or to take it in pill form and get blood work regularly. If you do get the recommended amount of Vitamin D daily, there are positive benefits including reducing the risk of having cardiovascular problems. Chelsea Senior Living’s dietitian creates diverse menus that include foods with Vitamin D because of its importance to seniors.


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