Assisted Living – Popular Senior Living Option

Any person entering a care home wants the transition to be as smooth and stress free as possible and to find a facility that they will be happy with. It is important for their loved ones’ peace of mind as well. There are many options available for senior care but not all of them are up to the same standard and some can’t handle specific issues such as memory care. Chelsea Senior Living is one facility which has a specialized building for memory care patients, and many more besides. These are some of the more popular options for senior living and how you can use them to find the exact right care home:

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living differs from some senior care options as it intends to provide an independent living environment but with assistance from professional staff in any areas the resident requires. This could be help with some daily activities such as bathing or grooming, housekeeping, or medical assistance. The exact type and level of assistance provided will depend upon the resident’s individual needs.

What is Provided?

Specific features and activities will depend upon the location, but typically, every assisted living facility, including Chelsea Senior Living, provides residents with a spacious and attractive private apartment that will fit their needs. They simply need to bring their own furniture and decorations which will make their apartment feel like home.

Daily Life

Staff will help residents to establish a regular daily routine, particularly important for memory care patients. Outside of this, each resident’s time is theirs to do what they want with. Various social and recreational activities are provided to keep the body and mind active, with an activities director on staff. Communal spaces provide a sense of community and regular trips mean that residents won’t need to feel isolated.

Health and Well Being

Chelsea Senior Living seeks to provide health and wellness for the body, spirit, and mind. This means not only providing medical support but also mental health care, nourishing meals, mentally and physically stimulating activities, social activities, and a generally positive environment. Each resident will have a healthcare plan made up to fully help them in whatever way they require.

Supportive on-call staff, a strong sense of community, and an independent living space are all necessities for senior living which Chelsea Senior Living strives for. If you are looking for care home options for yourself or a loved one, this may well be the right one for you.


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