Assisted Living: Debunking The Myths

Unfortunately, an abundance of misinformation abounds about senior living options in New York. The media often distorts the truth about senior living, discouraging you from making the best choices for your loved ones. Assisted living is actually the best option for many New Yorkers because it offers a perfect balance between independence and connection with community.

Myth 1: Assisted Living is Just a Nursing Home With a Different Name. It is true that nursing homes and assisted living share a few things in common, such as immediate access to healthcare. However, assisted living is not the same as a nursing home. Assisted living arrangements are designed to maximize independence and autonomy, whereas nursing homes connote a more restrictive environment. Consider the assisted living options at Chelsea Senior Living: these are not nursing homes but active communities.

Myth 2: Assisted Living is Too Expensive. Assisted living includes additional services and amenities versus living alone, such as in a condominium or private home. Because of the additional services and amenities, the cost of living in an assisted living facility might seem like a lot. Yet when you break down the costs one by one, you may find that it is more cost-effective to be in an assisted living facility than to pay for each element separately on your own.

Myth 3: Assisted Living Means Losing Independence. One of the most common myths circulated about assisted living is that it means loss of independence, dignity, or autonomy. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, it also helps to pick the right assisted living facility. Chelsea Senior Living is the best option in New York for seniors looking for a strong sense of community without sacrificing an modicum of independence, autonomy, or dignity.


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