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Defining Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Happy senior people and their caregiver talking in dining room at at assisted living facility.

Your loved one may have fears about potentially becoming an assisted living resident. Before addressing these fears, better understanding residential assisted living facilities and how they are managed can help you feel comfortable and confident with the big change.

Assisted living facilities offer older adults an active, social lifestyle in a safe, long-term, and residential community. The level of care a resident receives varies from person to person, depending on their needs and preferences. Many seniors in assisted living communities receive some help with activities of daily living and medication management.

Nursing home care provides long-term, high-level custodial and medical attention for older adults with serious health issues. Nursing home care costs are typically higher because of the more specialized, intensive care options.

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest fears involved with moving into an assisted living facility.

Young healthcare worker talking to seniors during lunch at assisted living facility.

Biggest Fears Seniors Have About Assisted Living Facilities

1. Total Loss of Independence and Privacy

The biggest fear many seniors have about assisted living facilities is their concern over losing their independence and privacy. Senior living communities, however, encourage seniors to live independently and make the most of their freedom.

Your loved one chooses the level of medical care they need, which they can change at any time. Your loved one is free to participate in voluntary activities, events, and programs as they wish. No one will ever force or coerce your loved one into anything they are even slightly hesitant about.

Some facilities offer private furnished apartments with a full bathroom, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living room, and a patio or balcony. Other assisted living facilities offer private rooms and suites. Residents are free to decorate and personalize their rooms to their liking.

They can use the communal spaces as frequently or as little as they’d like. While many facilities have restaurant-style dining for seniors to eat together, residents can have their meals sent straight to their apartments if they prefer to eat alone.

2. Financial Burdens from Assisted Living Facility Cost

Money is often a major stressor for most older adults. Nevertheless, proper financial planning and exploring all the resources at your disposal can significantly ease this burden.

Assisted living facilities always clearly break down a resident’s financial obligations throughout their stay. Most facilities are willing to meet your loved one wherever they may be with
their finances.

If your loved one has long-term care insurance, their policy may even cover the cost of assisted living. If your loved one is a veteran of the United States or a spouse of a veteran, they can pay for their assisted living costs with Aid and Attendance benefits. Be sure to check the eligibility requirements.

3. Fear Loved Ones Will Forget Them and Detach

Assisted living communities allow friends and family members to visit at any time. Most facilities regularly welcome and integrate family and friends to participate in their events and activities with the residents.

4. Fear of Strict Rules and Monitoring

Assisted living facilities are not boot camps or boarding schools. Residents determine their schedules, choosing the events and activities they want to participate in.

5. Fear of Leaving Home

The transition from a home your loved one has lived in for years to a senior assisted living facility is challenging. An assisted living facility could never replace one’s home. Assisted living facilities instead provide your loved one with a supportive, engaging community to join and thrive in.

Your loved one can bring personal items to help them feel closer to home. They’ll also create new, precious memories and friendships at the facility itself.

Conversations to Have to Overcome These Fears

Give your loved one the space and time they need to alleviate their fears. Listen and acknowledge their feelings. Reassure them of the benefits of residential assisted living facilities.

Let your loved one take the lead in determining their future goals. Research and tour different facilities. Ensure the facility offers the programs and amenities best suited to your loved one’s lifestyle. Look up the latest cost-of-care survey results to calculate the average yearly rate and what you can expect.

Encourage your loved one to ask every question they may have so they feel confident when deciding. Consider the location and costs of each assisted living facility to ensure they align with your unique familial situation.

How Chelsea Senior Living Can Help

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Our facilities are rich in amenities, services, and activities that are mere steps from your apartment door.

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