Employees of the Month

Jennifer, Chelsea Senior Living Jennifer is an LPN at the Chelsea at Forsgate, a four-year veteran of the community who, according to Executive Director Robyn Barnes, has been “an incredible asset during the transition” from the former owners. Jennifer’s patience and professionalism bring a winning combination of empathy and focused care to our residents. Congratulations, Jennifer!
Felicia is a Lead Med Tech whose warm smile brings good cheer to the residents at the Chelsea at JenkintownFelicia is a Lead Med Tech whose warm smile brings good cheer to the residents at the Chelsea at Jenkintown. “She is a dedicated and flexible employee who we can always count on,” says Albert L’Etoile, Executive Director.  “Felicia is the kind of employee any manager would be proud to have on their team. Felicia also recently worked part time as a medical secretary in the Wellness Department and is a key player in keeping the office organized and efficient. Congratulations, Felicia!
Tami, an Activity Assistant at The Chelsea at Brick, has worked at Chelsea for the past 7 years. The residents love her. She is very creative and helps in all departments.Tami, an Activity Assistant at The Chelsea at Brick, has worked at Chelsea for the past 7 years. The residents love her. She is very creative and helps in all departments. She is a problem solver and her artistic abilities shine throughout the whole community. She is a true asset to the Chelsea family. Congratulations, Tami!
Ronnie is a cook at the Chelsea at Warren, and has been there since 2007. "Ronnie is the symbol of customer service and hospitality,Ronnie is a cook at the Chelsea at Warren, and has been there since 2007. “Ronnie is the symbol of customer service and hospitality,” says Executive Director Jill Hamlett. “There isn’t anything he won’t do to accommodate the residents. He is dedicated to his job and takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work.” Ronnie is known for his stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage and loves cooking middle eastern food. Well done, Ronnie!
Erick is the Dining Room Supervisor at Maple Pointe Assisted Living in Rockville Centre, NYErick is the Dining Room Supervisor at Maple Pointe Assisted Living in Rockville Centre, NY. He takes a lot of time to sit and talk with residents during and after meals. Executive Director Tammy Marshall praises his “kindness, compassion, high standards and outstanding communications skills.” Erick’s grandfather is a volunteer at Maple Pointe and his grandmother is an RN there. Congratulations to Erick, one of our rising stars!
Priscilla is a Recreation Assistant at Castle Senior Living At Forest HillsPriscilla is a Recreation Assistant at Castle Senior Living At Forest Hills and after 15 years on the job she says, “I truly love what I do.” Wendy Gregg, Executive Director comments, “She is a true team player and shows great passion for what she does”. Her natural ability to engage and ignite the residents is a joy to behold. Priscilla provokes the residents to imagine, express, laugh and dance. Priscilla is married with 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Congratulations, Priscilla, and thanks for your devotion!
Chelsea Senior LivingCarrie-Ann is the Activities Director of The Chelsea At East Brunswick whose boundless energy and positive outlook bring joy to residents on a daily basis.  “The residents and families love her,” says Kathy Pietrocola, Executive Director of The Chelsea At East Brunswick. “She is often here on her day off to ensure a party goes as planned. Just today she came in for the Hanukkah party and I told her we were fine and she said, ‘I know, I want to be here!'” Congratulations, Carrie-Ann, and thanks for all you do!
Annette is a CMA and has been at the Chelsea at Montville since 1994Annette is a CMA and has been at the Chelsea at Montville since 1994.  “She has worked here for 18 years and is always willing to help out when we are short staffed,” says Scott Yaeger, acting Executive Director.  “All of the residents love her.  She has such a friendly personality and gets along well with all of her co-workers.” Annette, a native of the Bronx, lives in Montville, has two sons in their 20’s and a daugher who’s 13.  Congratulations, Annette, and thanks for all you do!
Robin has been the Recreation AssistantRobin has been the Recreation Assistant at The Chelsea at Tinton Falls since 2009 and counts many of the residents as dear friends.  “It’s like having a building full of grandparents,” she says. A resident of Red Bank, NJ, Robin is married with a son, a step daughter and 4 grandchildren and she loves the beach. In 2013, she won the Noble Caregiver of the Year award from the National Center for Assisted Living, a national honor for the top assisted living caregivers. Congratulations, Robin!
Cohen is the Chelsea At Jenkintown's driver/utility personCohen is the Chelsea At Jenkintown’s driver/utility person and, according to Executive Director Albert L’Etoile, “a jack of all trades, always there to lend a helping hand and always with a friendly disposition and a smile.” Cohen lives in Philadelphia and spent six years in the Army National Guard, part of the time in Louisiana for post-Katrina relief operations. Congratulations, Cohen!
marketing assistant at the Chelsea at BridgewaterA marketing assistant at the Chelsea at Bridgewater, Melissa’s upbeat personality helps residents and guests feel right at home.  She was recently touted for “tour of the year” after convincing a couple that the Chelsea was the place for them, despite some unforseen obstacles caused by a resident who suddenly became ill in the living room. Melissa was unflappably upbeat and the couple moved in anyway. Congratulations!
Gertrude is the friendly voice on the phoneGertrude is the friendly voice on the phone, the helpful and upbeat person with the great smile for those fortunate enough to work with her at the Corporate Headquarters in Fanwood. Gertrude does everything from pay bills to direct calls to set up appointments to being a friendly trouble-shooter. Her patience is epic. “Gertrude does more for us than anyone can imagine,” says Deena Schaffer, Chief Financial Officer. “She is the glue that holds the place together.” Congratulations, Gertrude!
Chelsea is a Concierge at the Chelsea at Toms RiverChelsea is a Concierge at the Chelsea at Toms River who also helps out in the dining room.  She is TR’s go-to person for computer issues. She is a wonderful young woman who genuinely cares about the residents. Says Executive Director Helen Willis, “Her dedication and compassion will serve her well,” when she earns her degree in education from Kean University. Congratulations, Chelsea!
Lois is an aide at the Chelsea at Bald Eagle's Lois is an aide at the Chelsea at Bald Eagle’s Country Cottage who recently earned her certificate as a dementia practitioner. “Lois has an outstanding way with the Cottage Residents,” says Kevin Seidel, Executive Director of the Chelsea at Bald Eagle. “She takes pride in the care she provides.”  Lois is a resident of West Milford, NJ, and lives just a few minutes from the Chelsea. Her 15 year old son is doing well in school and is working towards becoming an Eagle Scout. Congratulations, Lois!
Rebecca is the lead server in the dinning room at the Chelsea at BrookfieldRebecca is the lead server in the dinning room at the Chelsea at Brookfield in Belvidere, NJ.  “She understands ‘person centered  care”,” says Annette Watson, Executive Director.  “Rebecca makes it her business to participate in Resident activities as much as possible.  She does marketing tours on weekends and hands out menus to prospective residents. She goes above and beyond the scope of server.” Congratulations, Rebecca!
Daphne is an LPN at Somerset GardensDaphne is an LPN at Somerset Gardens, Plainview, NY, who recently was assessing a resident and noticed signs and symptoms of a stroke and acted fast by sending the resident to the hospital immediately. The resident was admitted with a diagnosis of a mini stroke called a TIA. Daphne’s quick action helped ensure proper care and the best possible outcome for our resident. Executive Director Paul Wasser says of Daphne: “She does a great job at Somerset and she is very appreciated by her colleagues, supervisors, and of course the residents!”
Elaine works in the housekeeping department of The Chelsea at FanwoodElaine works in the housekeeping department of The Chelsea at Fanwood and has a smile in her pocket for almost everyone. “Elaine performs her job well while providing great customer service as well as having an amazing relationship with our residents,” says Fanwood’s Building Services Director, Jonathan Morales-Gonzalez.  “Elaine exercises with and encourages the residents. She brings dog biscuits every Friday! She makes sure she knows personal info about every resident.” Congratulations, Elaine!
Tatiana is an LPN at Maple Pointe Assisted Living in Rockville Centre, NYTatiana is an LPN at Maple Pointe Assisted Living in Rockville Centre, NY. “Tatiana is always smiling,” says Executive Director Tammy Marshall.  “She never has a bad day and treats each resident with dignity and respect. She is flexible with her schedule, kind to co-workers and has developed relationships with family members since joining us in early 2011. Last winter, when she was brand new, she stayed in the building for several days in a row to get us through a blizzard.” Congratulations, Tatiana!

For many residents, our team has become a second family.  Focused on customer service, many of our employees have won national recognition from the Assisted Living Federation of America and the National Center for Assisted Living for their service to our residents.  Our team focuses on connecting with each resident to provide a continuity of care that leaves you feeling secure.

Our communities are operated locally and our employees are hired locally.  This grass-roots approach to building our teams enhances the family feeling that sets Chelsea Senior Living apart.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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